Gary Chalasani

Operations Director

Gary is a visionary leader with a passion for operational excellence and a track record of turning ambitious ideas into reality. As the Operations Director at Scriberlee, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team.

He founded Alpha Engineering and Constructions in 2013, a highly successful firm renowned for its innovative engineering solutions and impeccable project execution. Under his leadership, Alpha Engineering and Constructions earned a reputation for delivering exceptional results on complex projects in Singapore.

Gary holds key leadership roles in and his ability to lead cross-functional teams, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional results has been instrumental in the success of countless projects.

Gary understands that the heart of our agency is our clients. He is committed to ensuring that every project we undertake exceeds client expectations. His client-focused approach ensures that your needs are at the forefront of our strategies and execution.

Riya Gote

Brand Creative Director

Riya Gote is a dynamic force in the world of branding and creative content. As the Brand Creative Director at Scriberlee, she brings a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and vision to our team. Her entrepreneurial journey began with a mission to transform the way businesses approach branding and content creation. Today, Scriberlee is a testament to her commitment to excellence and innovation.

Beyond her role as a brand creative director, Riya is a recognized motivational speaker and personal branding coach. She has inspired audiences worldwide with her insights into personal branding, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Riya's impact extends far beyond her immediate circle. She has been featured in Forbes India for her contributions to providing quality content on a global scale. Her insights have graced the pages of over 70+ international newspapers, amplifying her influence. Additionally, she has been honoured by MTTV India with the prestigious title of the "Iron Lady of India" for her trailblazing work.

Riya's expertise lies in curating compelling content and designing branding strategies that resonate with audiences. She possesses a unique ability to blend creativity with data-driven insights, resulting in branding campaigns that leave a lasting impact.

T Hussain

Creative Head

Meet Hussain, our Head Designer at Scriberlee, with a remarkable 9 years of experience in the world of design. Hussain is a true virtuoso when it comes to utilizing various programs within the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier Pro, Autodesk Maya, Corel Draw and Movavi.

Hussain's expertise goes beyond software proficiency. He excels in the entire design process, from defining and creating stunning graphics. His portfolio boasts exceptional work in logo design, brochure creation, magazine advertisements, flyers, and packaging design.

One of Hussain's standout qualities is his extensive experience in managing design teams. He excels at coordinating with fellow designers, ensuring seamless collaboration and delivering exceptional assignments. Moreover, he's hands-on in the realms of web design and digital marketing, making him a versatile asset to our team.

With Hussain leading our design initiatives, you can trust Scriberlee to deliver visually captivating and impactful designs that set your brand apart.